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Enlight is a Reading Comprehension Platform that Uses Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Create a Personalized Learning Experience.

Solving Comprehension Challenges in Speed-Reading

  • Intelligent

    Enlight collects anonymous data on user-reading patterns, and applies its machine learning engine to ensure strong reading coprehension.

  • Automated

    Our reading comprehension solutions automatically adjust the difficulty based on user progress. Enlight offers a solution that is easy to scale and access across schools and programs.

  • Personalized

    Each user has a custom experience that is optimized to their reading pace and rate of improvement. Data analytics helps our platform adjust and create the most effective approach for each user.

  • Effective

    We solve the challenge ignored by many speed-reading platforms in regards to making sure comprehension does not decline. Enlight goes beyond traditional metrics to evaluate reading capability, ensuring our platform creates effective and natural improvements in reading.

  • Integrated

    Enlight is designed to easily integrate with most education platforms. This makes it easy to access assignments and reports for users in classrooms or on the go.

  • Content Management

    Users can upload their own document files, paste text, and import URL's with reading material, and the built-in content manager let's you save and access custom content.

A Powerful Web Application

Makes Enlight Easy to Access Anytime

The Science

Solving the Comprehension Issue

A Whole New Take on RSVP

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) involves continuous presentation of words in succession in a way that is meant to challenge a user’s reading speed. RSVP has traditionally been able to increase speed, but often at the cost of decreasing comprehension.

Through intelligence augmentation, Enlight is able to analyze user data and fine-tune reading speed to a level where comprehension remains constant. This new take on RSVP addresses a major challenge faced by traditional speed-reading platforms.

Machine Learning

Creates a Personalized Educational Experience

Evolutionary Technologies bridges the gap between innovation in data analytics and education. We utilize machine learning and intelligence augmentation to unlock the potential in digital education platforms to enhance the way we read, process information, and learn.

Data analytics is becoming an increasingly important tool in many fields, such as marketing, economics, and politics. It helps optimize strategies and solutions based on real trends instead of theories. The personalized approach Enlight creates improves user progress and success.

Effective Reading Speed

Improves Retention and Comprehension

Most speed-reading platforms sacrifice reading comprehension and retention for the sake of speed. Our approach is to hold reading comprehension constant while continually improving reading speed. We focus on effective words per minute, which can be represented as follows:

EWPM = Speed (WPM) x Comprehension (%)

Enlight accounts for all the variables in this equation, instead of simply focusing on speed and words per minute. This improves results in comprehension and vocabulary while increasing reading speed.

About Us

In today’s age of rapid innovation, more and more industries are leveraging technology to improve processes and deliver better results. At Evolutionary Technologies, our mission is to improve accessibility and efficiency of learning by providing automated, intelligent and personalized technology solutions.

Evolutionary Technologies was founded in 2013 by a group of professionals driven by a passion for innovation. We joined together to bridge the gap between technology and education and provide a better learning experience for students.

Our innovation process begins with understanding our customers’ needs with current education practices. Enlight, our speed-reading platform, was created because we recognized that current speed-reading technology can negatively effect comprehension and retention. We then drew upon data analytics and machine learning strategies that were being applied successfully in other disciplines and industries, and leveraged them to help address gaps in education.

By staying committed to innovation that begins and ends with customer needs in mind, Evolutionary Technologies remains driven to creating meaningful solutions that improve the quality and accessibility of education.


One size does not fit all in the classroom. Enlight offers an individualized approach similar to one-on-one focus with each student through an easy to use, online service.
Jason Dsykes, Teacher
Students are seeing real results in performance and confidence. As their skills improve, the difficulty rises, creating a challenge students enjoy.
Marie Armstrong, Tutoring Center Manager
It’s a pretty intuitive tool that doesn’t require a lot of training or maneuvering. Enlight gives me an effective and easy to use tool in the classroom
Steve Kovaks, Instructional Coordinator

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